Welcome to your 7 Minutes/7 Day Mindful Movement Challenge! My goal with this challenge is to get us moving and connecting with our body for at least 7 minutes each day. It’s pretty simple; find a comfortable place to move, wear something comfortable to move in, start the challenge anytime and just follow a video each day for a week. Try to do it consistently to gain the most value out of it. After a week if there was a video you really liked come back to it and add it to your regular weekly routine!

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Make the most of your challenge

Journal your progress, work on improving your sleep and better your eating habits. Think about your whole body's health.

Please check with your doctor if you are new to exercising to ensure that these exercises are appropriate for you.  Avoid any exercise that you have been told not to do especially if you are pregnant, have had a hip or knee replacement or have severe pain from injury.

Day 1

Let’s get your body moving, head to toe.

Day 2

Enjoy simple stretches with just a towel.

Day 3

Strengthen your feet and improve your balance!

Day 4

Have a seat and move!

Day 5

Stretch and strengthen your shoulders.

Day 6

Lets work on some abs!

Day 7

Move your whole body!


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7 Minutes for 7 Days


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