I started My Fit Over 50 out of a need to help women (and myself) journey through menopause. It is not like other fitness memberships that offer thousands of classes with booming music and a whole bunch of random recipes at a very low monthly cost.

We don’t provide a one size fits all approach, because we are unique beings going through unique challenges and hormonal changes. Our goal at My Fit Over 50 is to help you navigate through this life changing and awesome adventure called menopause, through target classes, targeted recipes, conversations, recommendations and education.

My Fit Over 50 is about supporting your whole body’s health, not just parts of you. We keep it simple, focusing on 3 main sections to support your health – Movement, Lifestyle and Nutrition.

I have almost 20 years of professional knowledge and first hand experience of what it is like to go through the ups and downs of menopause. My clinic for almost 15 years in Toronto (Women’s Health Centre) supports clients through Pilates training, acupuncture treatments and nutrition consulting. 

Do I still continue to challenge my body through menopause? You bet…I achieved my black belt in Kung Fu at age 51!

Our Vision & Mission

I would like to give women a voice and encourage and inspire others to strive to be the their best, because life is worth living. I am inspired by all of the amazing women that have come before me, working every day to be present in life. I am a believer that we can all accomplish what we strive for and it doesn’t need to be perfect. 

Together we can connect through our shared familiar journey, so let’s grow, explore and laugh together to all of the ups and downs that come with menopause.