Nutrition for Menopause & Beyond

It’s no secret that as we age things change with our nutritional needs

Many women, including myself, have talked about not eating as much food, avoiding certain foods that may cause bloating or gas and a change sometimes in (yes we must talk about it) our bowel movements. The changes in your digestion and your appearance is often affected by your hormone production. Your hormones influence the look of your skin and hair, your metabolism, your ability to sleep well and focus. Hormones control your appetite and stimulate metabolism, it optimizes your digestion and helps to reduce inflammation.

Please don’t use any information as the only way to think or go…ideas, science and theories are shifting and improving every day. Start with simple things like improving what you eat or clearing out and organizing your pantry or trying a new recipe.

Everyone is different and every body is unique, so there is no one size fits all collection of health data that will make you feel and look your best. Success happens when you listen to your body and take care of yourself.

4 SIMPLE tips to support your Menopause Health

1. Choose Meals Full of Colour

Try to aim for 4 colours of whole foods on your plate at any time – the most important one is green. Most green vegetables are packed with building nourishment.

2. Create a Healthy Pantry

Take the time to clear your pantry of foods that are processed or artificial and fill it with ingredients that will nourish your body. Read the labels and check for high sodium levels, added sugar or colouring!

3. Support Your Whole Body's Health

Nourishing the whole body is just as important as eating well. Find some time for a bit of self care – including good sleep, exercise, stress management, creativity etc..

4. Grocery Shopping Tips

Make a shopping list before going to the store. Shop around the outside of the store where most of the whole foods are – stock up on frozen vegetables to have access to at anytime.

Healthy Recipe carousel

Every other month I will feature  a collection of recipes I have curated to support our brain, bones and body. Choose a recipe, click on the picture and download it to try it when you’re ready. 

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This month’s theme…Greens, Greens, Greens!

Want some more nutrition information to help during menopause?

Click on the topics below to find nutrition tips and information to help support your body. These are based upon Western and Eastern traditional Chinese medicine.

Digestion, Probiotics, why are these important during menopause?

Good digestion ensures good uptake of nutrients and at this point in our life we need to stock up on as many nutrients as possible. They support everything from our hair to our bones to our skin and brain. Click on the below categories for more nutrition tips. Take your time to investigate, explore and improve upon what you are currently doing.