1. Who is My Fit Over 50 for?

    My Fit Over 50 is a website dedicated to the health of all women over 50, however it also targets women in their 40's who want to work on building a stronger body, support their nutrition health and implement positive lifestyle choices. It's perfect for those heading into perimenopause and beyond.

  2. Can I do Pilates if I have never done it before?

    Pilates is accessible to everyone, however not all of the video classes offered on My Fit Over 50 are appropriate for everyone.  If you are new to the work and in healthy shape then start with the basic classes first.  If you are not sure if you should do any class please contact me for more information or speak to a health practitioner.

  3. I have had a hip/knee replacement - can I still do the Pilates classes?

    Although some modifications are offered on the videos, it is important that you check with your health practitioner before starting. Avoid any movements you have been told not to do by your doctor or surgeon.

  4. When should I seek medical attention?

    Always seek medical attention when experiencing pain or discomfort that is unusual or abnormal.  Never continue doing exercises if feeling suddenly dizzy, nauseous or sick - seek attention as needed.

  5. I have recently been diagnosed with an illness, should I be following the nutrition recommendations you give?

    Nutrition recommendations offered by Fit Over 50 does not replace those given by a medical health professional.  They may not be appropriate for everyone, so please as your doctor before introducing anything new into your diet.

  6. I have never made changes to my diet...where can I start?

    Making changes or improvements to our diet may require the guidance of a health professional. (I can help - just contact me).  The best way to start is to simply focus on eating fresh, whole foods, avoiding processed or packaged meals. 

  7. What is the difference between a registered holistic nutritionist and a dietician?

    A holistic nutritionist is registered through CSNN and approaches nutrition and health from a whole foods perspective.  They often cater to individuals, creating meal plans/recommendations which addresses food sensitivities,  lifestyle, budget, etc..

    A dietitian is regulated and accountable to provincial regulatory bodies. They often work with institutions or in private practice.

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