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Menopause - from a different perspective

Chinese medicine is a holistic practice that views our body, mind and spirit as a collective – all are affected by each other and all are dependent on each other. They view blood specifically as a provider and transporter of nutrients and energy, flowing freely within our vessels to support our organs, bones, tissues, skin and reproduction.

As we get older and stop making as much blood and essence (made by our kidneys and responsible for our growth and development) our hair begins to thin and our bones get weaker. Our brain, eyes and ears don’t get the same nourishment…which is why our thinking may not be as sharp, maybe you can’t recall as quickly, you may experience some vertigo, tinnitus or poorer eyesight. When our menses stops, our body tries to retain what’s left of our precious essence, which we need to help keep us healthy and strong.

These changes in our menstruation are normal and we all go through this differently.  Menopause is actually a natural way of slowing down the aging process, so it’s super important to really take care of yourself. Traditionally, acupuncture and herbs are used to help reduce any symptoms of menopause while maintaining vitality within the body. Exercise to maintain the strength of your bones and muscles, eat well, sleep well, reduce stress and seek help from a therapist or your doctor if needed.


First of all, let’s define some of these terms (according to the Mayo clinic)…

– it is a natural transition towards menopause, ending the reproductive years. Estrogen levels rise and fall unevenly and your menstrual cycles may change.  It can begin as early as mid 30s-40s.

Menopause – this is the end of your menstrual cycle and diagnosed after 12 months with no period.  It is a NATURAL biological process. Typical symptoms range from night sweating, insomnia, vaginal dryness, thinning hair and weight gain.


What menopausal symptoms bother you?

THIS IS NOT A DIAGNOSIS, only an exploration towards better health.

I wanted to show some of the typical symptoms most of us have gone through or are going through during menopause.  The list provided next categorizes a few of these classic symptoms, showing an imbalance in a certain hormone or an imbalance within the body. You don’t have to know traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or be a western doctor to understand the categories, just be aware of. You may have symptoms that fall within multiple patterns, and that is normal, so if you have concerns speak to your health provider about it. 

You may have excess inflammation or stagnation/damp heat (TCM) so here are a few tips you can do to help...
You may have low estrogen or yin deficiency (TCM), so here are a few tips you can do to help...
You may have low testosterone or blood deficiency (TCM), so here are a few tips you can do to help...

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