PILATES & Movement Training

Welcome, I hope you enjoy the collection of classes and videos that are offered down below.  Make sure to choose the category of classes that best suit your ability and experience.  New videos will be added along the way.  Remember to breathe and think about using good form throughout the class…there should never be pain or discomfort!  If you have any questions just contact me in the button below.

Pilates with Cindy recommends that you consult with a doctor or health care practitioner before doing any of these virtual Pilates or movement videos.  If you experience any pain or discomfort during the course of a video stop immediately and seek medical attention if needed.  These exercises may not be appropriate for prenatal/postnatal women, those with hip or knee replacements or other health issues. 

New videos will be added along the way.  Please avoid any movement that is not appropriate for you to do.
Movement videos

You will find these videos at the bottom of this page.  Here I have a wide collection of quick and simple videos to help strengthen or improve many joint functions.  

BASIC level classes

These classes are specific for those who have never done Pilates before. Want to give Pilates a try? Practice these classes first before moving on to the Beginner+ level.  

BEGINNER+ level classes

These classes are for those who have done some Pilates mat before, so some experience is required. Learn some more vocabulary if you have been doing the Basic level classes for a while. 

INTERMEDIATE level classes

These classes are for those who have a higher level of Pilates mat experience Pilates.  Work on improving your mat vocabulary or learn some new exercises after doing the Beginner+ level for a while. 

Simple Movement tips...

BASIC Pilates

These videos are for those just learning the Pilates mat vocabulary. Practice this mat work 2-3 days a week if possible. Once you feel comfortable doing these exercises and feel ready then you can try the Beginner+ videos.

Featured video - working on your pelvic press!

Improve your technique and get the most out of the this exercise – strengthen, lengthen, move and stretch. Hope you like it!

Have you ever heard about Eldoa?

Eldoa for the Hips & Low back or Shoulders & Neck

The ELDOA exercises and Myofascial Stretches are specific techniques created by world renowned osteopath, Guy Voyer. The primary goal is to increase space by decompressing specific joints. There is an ELDOA for every joint in the body and often there is an improvement in joint mechanics, increased blood flow, reduced pressure on the discs, a reduction of pain, improved posture, and a sense of well being and awareness.

In these two introductory videos, Sheri Kimura, an Eldoa practitioner, shows us a few Eldoa exercises that help to open the hips and stretch the low back as well as release tension in the neck and shoulders.  If you have never done Eldoa before please check with your health practitioner if you have any questions before doing them. 


These videos are for beginners who have learnt some of the basic Pilates mat vocabulary and would like to continue learning more. Props you may need include a towel, a chair, hand weights (or canned goods), a band and/or pillow. Please avoid exercises if feeling pain or discomfort.


These videos are for those who have experience with the Pilates mat vocabulary. Some of the exercises may not be appropriate for everyone so please avoid certain movements if you have been told to. Props you may need include a towel, a chair, hand weights (or canned goods), a band and/or pillow. Practice this mat work 2-3 days a week if possible.

More movement VIDEOS

Here are little mini videos to help strengthen your body.


Below are 2 different versions…an easier one and a more advanced one. Please try the video that is most appropriate for you!

3 simple band exercises to strengthen the legs and arms and work on balance!
This video shows a few exercises to stretch and strengthen the hips! It is NOT appropriate for anyone who has had a hip replacement.
This video is a quick chair/band class and is appropriate for all levels.
This video offers some stretches on a 1/2 roller, full roller or rolled up towel. It is appropriate for most levels.
Another great video with simple exercises for the shoulders!
Improve your shoulder mobility with these easy exercises.
This video talks about a simple way to improve your immunity.