BASIC Pilates Movement Videos

These videos are for those just learning the Pilates mat vocabulary. Practice this mat work 2-3 days a week if possible. Once you feel comfortable doing these exercises and feel ready then you can try the Beginner+ videos.

Basic Pilates classes

Basic Pilates Mat class 1

In this mini video you will begin to learn some of the basic moves within the Pilates method. Make sure to breathe deeply, release tension in the neck and shoulders and listen to the cues that are given then go to the next video.

Basic Pilates Mat class 2

In this next mini video we continue learning more of the Pilates vocabulary. Eventually you will be doing this all within a pilates mat class. Make sure to listen to the directions and listen to your body!

This video offers exercises while sitting on a chair. It is accessible for almost everyone and is a great way to add a variety to your workout!

Simple Movement tips...

  • Never hold your breath when exercising
  • Stop an exercise if you feel pain
  • Invest in the proper clothing and props to exercise

Featured exercise to practice

This quick video talks about cues that are important when we are doing our swan in Pilates. Please listen to your body and avoid anything that may be causing you pain or discomfort. Happy swanning!