INTERMEDIATE Pilates videos

These videos are for those who have experience with the Pilates mat vocabulary. Some of the exercises may not be appropriate for everyone so please avoid certain movements if you have been told to. Props you may need include a towel, a chair, hand weights (or canned goods), a band and/or pillow. Practice this mat work 2-3 days a week if possible.

Simple Movement tips...

  • Never hold your breath when exercising
  • Stop an exercise if you feel pain
  • Invest in the proper clothing and props to exercise

Newest Video

All you need is a band and a half roller – if you don’t have a half roller, roll up a towel to use!

Intermediate Pilates Classes

This 30 minute class offers a full body workout using some hand weights and a mat. Keep working on your technique.

This 30 minute video uses band and roller – if you don’t have a full roller, roll up a big towel or blanket to use!

Yes I love using my band within the Pilates mat work – it is so great for upper body strengthening and hamstring stretches.

Let’s tone it up…extra hamstring work in this class. Enjoy!

Kicking it out – I love using simple prep exercises to get the abdominals cued up and ready to go!

Moving the spine is super important and that’s what we begin with in this class. Don’t forget to breathe!

This class offers a full body workout using a 1/2 roller – don’t have one? That’s ok, just roll up a towel and use that instead!

Continue with the Pilates work adding a few modifications and variations to help you find success with the exercises!

A Pilates mat class with variations such as climbing a tree! Give it a try, it’s harder than it looks.

I love warming up the hips with simple exercises – of course this particular exercise is not appropriate for those with a hip replacement!

Adding some hand weight to our workout today. If you don’t have any, just use canned soup!

Let’s move this morning! A great variety of exercises to get you started in your day.

Let’s work it out! This video offers some great abdominal and spine stability work, slowing down the exercises and adding variations.

Strengthen, stretch and Pilates go! This class offers a full body workout you’ll love.

I love adding towel work for the arms and shoulders to the Pilates method…did you know it was created by Ron Fletcher, a student of Joseph Pilates?

I’ve added some band work to a variety of Pilates and movement exercises in this video!

We are continuing with more band work – this one strengthens the arms and legs at the same time!