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A Natural stage in our life

Welcome to MENOPAUSE & BEYOND. In this page dedicated to menopause we tackle some of the remarkable changes to our body during this natural but sometimes bewildering process. It explores important categories of health associated with Menopause: physiological, nutrition, bone health, digestion, energy, and body changes. Beyond this resource if you want to delve a bit deeper into this subject or many others related to healthy aging, become a My Fit Over 50 member to build a better quality of life! You can use your membership one on one with all it has to offer, or join in and be supported by a community of women through guest speakers, book clubs, and seasonal gatherings.

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I will be tackling subjects before, during and after this life change

So let's define the Moments as we age

Peri-menopause - what is going on with my body?

This is the beginning of the natural process of change, leaving our reproductive age anytime between our mid 30’s into our 40’s, this may take years. Now is the time to start to think about supporting your body with good nutrition and exercise.

typical symptoms:
Menopause - it's here!

You have reached menopause if you haven’t had your period for at least 12 months. The average age of women transitioning into this is mid 40’s to mid 50’s. Exercise, nutrition and self care is needed now to reduce the symptoms typical with this time – seek some help with a professional if needed.  

typical symptoms:
Beyond Menopause - So what now?

So technically you are considered post menopausal when you have not had your period for 12 months. If you haven’t already, now is the time to really check in with your health practitioner or doctor.

be proactive:

Menopause symptoms happen, but how can I reduce them?

Remember that menopause is natural and symptoms that come along with it are normal, but these symptoms shouldn’t be so uncomfortable and overwhelming that it prevents you from sleeping and feeling your best.  There is no quick answer or an easy way to get rid of your symptoms, as everyone is different, but if you look at yourself from a whole body perspective and do a little bit of many positive things you can help support your body to bring it back to balance!

Here are 3 quick Band Exercises to support your body and bones!

Past MENOPAUSE? so What's Next?

It’s never too late to think about ways to support your body, mind and spirit’s health, living a great quality of life and continuing to learn and grow as a valuable person within your family and society. Age is a number but it shouldn’t define what you can and can’t do. Yes, making choices to do an activity that may not be the best for your body’s current physical ability is very important because recovering from injury as we get older may not be as easy and if you have osteoporosis you may be more at risk for fractures. The other challenge many of us may face as we age is the greater chance of developing an illness or disease, so spending the time to take care of ourselves now is super important, and if we do come face to face with a serious illness we may have a chance at a better outcome and overall recovery. 


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