My memory isn’t what it used to be…

August 2, 2021

I noticed my inability to sometimes quickly recall the name of simple objects in my late 40’s, but didn’t think too much about it because I had always been a little bad at remembering names and dates throughout my whole life. Now in my 50’s (at times) I experience “brain fog” and it has become a bit frustrating to not recall the name of a toothbrush or stapler right away, when I know it’s sitting right there on the back of my tongue ready to come out. What feels like minutes is actually only seconds, but that inability to remember quickly was disconcerting until I started to learn a little about my brain and what was going on.

I work hard to strengthen my body with good nutrition and exercise but don’t always think about my brain health and I am starting to learn that it should be an important focus as we get older. Sadly, women see more of a cognitive decline with age than men which includes our ability to think, speak, judge, remember and learn new things.

Why do women have more cognitive issues as we age?

Having difficulties recalling things is often typical of menopause and it is our declining estrogen levels that can affect how our brain functions. Thank goodness, I thought it was just me! Now that’s not to say if you are having cognitive issues you should just chalk it up to the decline of your hormones and that’s that…if you are concerned about your ability to not only recall but make good decisions or recognize things please seek the help of your doctor.

Here’s the other part of our brain health as we age women…sleep disturbance can become a major player from perimenopause onwards and that will also have an influence in how we feel and recall in our day. If you just don’t sleep well you’re probably going to feel grumpy, unfocused, irritable or depressed. Again, we can blame the drop of our hormones for this disruption, but following good sleep habits is super important to help support not only our sleep but our brain health. Find out more about the connection between insomnia and menopause.

What can we do to improve our brain health?

My Fit Over 50 hosted a conversation with the Alzheimer Society of Durham about MEMORY as we age, check out my top 8 ways to support your brain health list! 

About the author

Cindy is registered acupuncturist, Pilates instructor and holistic nutritionist. She is an educator and health professional, aiming to inspire all women to be their best as we age reaching maximum vitality!