4 Week COMPREHENSIVE Virtual Nutrition program


Do you need help with your nutrition needs? Not sure of what foods you should focus on? Are you looking for a sustainable alternative to diets that will give you the results you’re looking for? 

Our four week nutrition program can get you started. It is a personalized program created to meet your health needs whether you are menopausal, struggling with weight, poor sleep, poor digestion or low energy. This is not a quick fix, how to program, where we count calouries… our goal in 4 weeks is to improve your relationship with food and get you thinking about your whole body’s health!

Within the program we will focus on foods that will help you:

  • Feel energetic if you’re tired
  • Cool you down if you feel hot and sweaty or warm you up if you’re cold
  • Move your bowels if you’re constipated or slow them down if they’re loose
  • Build muscle, support your bones, brain, sinews and joints

The program is not just about food, it also includes recommendations to improve your exercise routine and simple ways to create healthy lifestyle habits as well.

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What does the 4 week Comprehensive Nutrition Program provide?

  • An in-depth health intake form
  • A virtual consultation on Zoom with Cindy (registered acupuncturist and holistic nutritionist)
  • A 1 week personalized recipe collection with shopping list – specific to your needs, budget and tastes
  • Weekly email checkins with Cindy throughout the program
  • Recommendations for healthy movement/exercises and positive lifestyle ideas