7 Day Health Reset EBOOK Guide – Support your health through MENOPAUSE


Your 7 Day Health Reset EBOOK guide will get you on your way to feeling great, looking great and living your best life through menopause and beyond. This 30 page mini guide is full of valuable information (and a couple of bonus recipes) that are easy to follow and implement in a busy life. This 7 day health reset guide is designed to support your whole body’s health. The goal is to create healthy and positive habits over a 7 day period that will become part of your normal routine. Set yourself up for success with the easy tools and tips provided. You got this!



Cindy uses her professional experience to create this mini guide full of valuable information that anyone can follow and add into their busy week. Combine your 7 Day Health Reset Guide with her 7 Day Reset Meal Plan

Topics of Interest in this Guide

  • Reset your nutrition
  • Tips to make cooking simple
  • Setting up your pantry/fridge
  • Digestive issues during menopause
  • Top 10 Daily Healthy Eating tips
  • Bonus recipes
  • Reset your workout
  • Starting your workout journey
  • Simple tips for exercising
  • Setting up goals – personal journal
  • Find a balance to your workout
  • Positive life habits
  • Sleep habits
  • Home health/environmental exposures
  • Social connections, mind/body
  • Mental health
  • Planning out your 7 day health reset