Perimenopause and beyond

my FIT OVER 50

Empowering Women through Perimenopause and beyond!

My Fit Over 50 will help you understand the changes, explore the possibilities, listen to your body’s needs and have a voice in your own healthcare. Don’t put off taking care of yourself – be proactive not reactive!. Help your body get back to balance as you go through hormonal and physical changes in your 40s, so that you can be vital, strong and resilient in your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond. Being FIT OVER 50 takes some work and dedication, but together we can get you there. 

Exercise, nutrition, health and more

My Fit Over 50 takes a holistic approach to health and wellness; supporting you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Join us and share the good, the bad and the challenging aspects of MENOPAUSE and aging.

My Fit Over 50 offers members access to:

  • targeted 30 minute online Pilates classes
  • recorded mini movement videos
  • recipes that support our hormones, bones and brain health
  • amazing virtual guest speaker events to talk about issues that affect women as we age
  • health information that will continue to build and support our whole body’s health as we age


It’s simple, pick your membership tier and get started! All live 30 minute online Pilates & movement classes are subject to teacher availability. If a live class does not run a recording will be available. Not every class is appropriate for all, so if you are new to Pilates please start with the beginner mini videos provided first.


FREE 10 days
  • Thinking of trying out our membership? You get access to one free online class and a sneak peak into more!


$ 35 Monthly
  • Ready to make some changes and get yourself back on track towards great health? Join us for classes and more!


$ 65 Monthly
  • Are you all in and ready to go? Join me here for so much content, classes and community to share with you!

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