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My Fit Over 50 is a website dedicated to women over 50 who want to age with strength and resilience and be their very best. My goal is to offer a virtual platform that supports us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. My Fit Over 50 will brings us all together; with targeted Pilates and movement videos, nutrition ideas and healthy lifestyle thoughts that can continue to build and support our whole body’s health. I will also showcase stories about amazing women, offer free access to guest speaking events and feature current news articles specific for us. 

It is super important to think about your health at any age, so even if you aren’t 50 that’s ok…we’d love you to join us! The sooner you take care of your body the stronger it will be. This is just the beginning!

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Membership is only $20 per month
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membership includes...
Pilates & movement workouts

Enjoy virtual classes you can do in the comfort of your home.

  • Basic to intermediate level classes available
  • 15-30 minutes of fun and challenging classes
  • Each class is full of instructions & modifications
  • Bonus video shorts with ideas to help you move better
  • Limited props needed, access videos anytime
  • Add these videos to your weekly routine!
Nutrition for healthy aging

Access great recipes and nutrition information that helps support us as we age.

  • Healthy, simple, downloadable & easy to follow recipes
  • 20% discount for special recipe ebooks
  • Recipes with colourful pictures and clear instructions
  • Seasonal nutrition tips
  • ALL recipes are curated by Registered Holistic Nutritionist
  • Food tips and resources
  • Seasonal recipes provided
Conversations and Resources

Offering healthy living ideas specific to women over 50 - bringing our community together.

  • Enjoy healthy living ideas
  • Monthly tips offered to support your health & wellness
  • Articles and resources available
  • Improve your health by cleaning your environment
  • Connect with this great community of women
  • Shared stories will be archived here


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I have created a private Facebook group that is a safe and supportive space to share, laugh, discuss and explore womens health issues and challenges over 50. Come be a part of our group! Click on the icon to join.