About My Fit Over 50

How it began

I started My Fit Over 50 after I turned 50 to provide information, encouragement and access for women to great information that is relevant for us as we age. As a Pilates instructor, holistic nutritionist, acupuncturist and professional health coach for more than 10 years, I offer my knowledge and experience to help you move well, eat well and live well. As an aging woman, I think it’s important to keep challenging the body and mind safely and efficiently so that we can keep doing the things we love to do with energy and vitality. All of my personal and professional experience has led me here and I am eager and excited to share all of my knowledge with you.

Cindy Willems

R.Ac, Certified Pilates Instructor, Holistic Nutritionist

Who am I?

My name is Cindy I am the owner and creator of My Fit Over 50.  I have been in the health and wellness industry as a professional for over 30 years starting my career teaching dance classes to all ages. 

After enjoying a great professional dance career (working all over the world including Stratford Festival), I began learning and investing my training in specialized fields, becoming a certified Pilates instructor (Dianne Miller) a registered holistic nutritionist (CSNN) and a registered acupuncturist (CTCMPAO).

I am a believer that we can all accomplish what we strive for and it doesn’t need to be perfect.  I still continue to challenge my body at the age of 50, getting my black belt in Kung Fu.

My Vision & Mission

I am inspired by all of the amazing women ahead of me that work every day to be present in life and that is the community I wish to belong to and bring together. Embracing the changes that happen as we age offers us an opportunity to be our best self. We can find empowerment and connection through our shared journey, so let’s grow, explore and laugh together to all of the ups and downs that come with it. Let’s talk about all of the challenges and successes that we face over time. 

My goal is to create a platform for women over 50 that is inclusive, diverse, informative and engaging.  I would like to reach women from all over the world – those from different cultural backgrounds, economic positions, education and so on.  I would like to give women a voice and encourage and inspire others to strive to be the best their can be, maintaining passion within life…because life is worth living so let’s make it our best!