7 Day EBOOK RESET Meal Plan and more!


Get back on track to great health and wellness!  This ebook offers highly dense, plant based meals organized over 7 days.  These yummy recipes, curated by Cindy (Registered Holistic Nutritionist), are packed with loads of nutrition that will help promote your body’s natural detoxification process; supporting cellular function and feeding your brain.

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Want to improve your energy, digestion and vitality over one week?  Here’s how!

This Whole Foods Plant Based plan was created to help reset the body and get it back to balance. The goal of this plan is to get you back to eating great whole food meals!  All of these nutritious meals can later be added into your rotating meal repertoire.

The 7 Day Reset Meal Plan contains solely plant based recipes that are easy to make and highly nutritious. There are ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the week.  The plan also includes step by step directions for each recipe, healthy snacks, serving portions, a shopping list and room for leftovers.  As an addition, Cindy has included some simple fitness and lifestyle recommendations that will help support you physically and mentally to help you feel great.

As a BONUS get 2 email correspondence with Cindy to answer any questions you have.  All you have to do is commit to supporting your health!