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We don’t just offer Pilates & movement classes…below you will find a few portals that will offer you nutrition recommendations and yummy recipes, as well as conversations and resources to help you navigate menopause and beyond!

Live 30 minute Pilates & movement classes run Mondays at 10:30am, Tuesdays at 5pm and Fridays at 9am EST. When you pick two class times that work best for you a link will be sent via email. If you’re unable to attend the live classes you will find the recorded classes within the Pilates & Movement portal. 

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Support 3 key areas of your health during menopause

We have created 3 categories of health that will support you through menopause and beyond, click on the icons below to view more.

You will find this weeks classes posted in the Pilates & Movement category. Healthy recipes are found in the Nutrition for Healthy Aging section and weekly challenges in the Conversation & Resources section.

Remember you get more than just exercise

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