Pilates & Movement

It’s time to move! Make sure to choose the category of classes that best suit your ability and experience below. Within each 30 minute class we work on flexibility, balance and strength, which is very important for our bones through menopause and beyond. New videos will be added along the way. 

Each section below has a library of Pilates & movement videos for you to explore. If you have any questions just contact me.

Please avoid exercises if feeling pain or discomfort and if you have been told not to do certain movements because of a hip/knee replacement or spine issues.

Basic Pilates & Movement Videos

These videos are for those just learning the Pilates mat vocabulary. Practice this mat work 2-3 days a week if possible. Once you feel comfortable doing these exercises and feel ready then you can try the Beginner+ videos.

Beginner+ Pilates & Movement Videos

These videos are for beginners who have learnt some of the basic Pilates mat vocabulary and would like to continue learning more. Props you may need include a towel, a chair, hand weights (or canned goods), a band and/or pillow. When you have practiced these and you feel ready to move onto more challenges you can find videos in the intermediate Pilates & movement section!