3 Areas of Health through Menopause

We have created 3 categories of health that will support you through menopause and beyond.

You will find this weeks class and more movement videos posted in the Pilates & Movement category. Our favourite recipe is found in the Nutrition for Healthy Aging section and your weekly challenge in the Conversation & Resources section.

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Pilates & Movement videos

Setting up your fitness and movement goals can be helpful before you start doing classes, so make use of this mini workbook we created to help track your progress! Aim to move your body daily and train your body 2-3x’s per week.

What to keep in mind when doing your movement live class or video:

NUTRITION through Menopause

Creamy Garlic Kale with Chick Peas

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One Pan Salmon and Kale

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Ginger Chicken Stir Fry

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Creamy Celery Asparagus Soup

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Eating well for an ever changing hormonal body is very important, but just as important is the how we eat. Here are a few helpful tips to support you (just start with one then add in another one as you’re ready):

  • Make sure to eat a healthy, well balanced diet, which means your plate should be full of colour with green and red accenting your meal

  • Eat regularly throughout the day – this is important to maintain the balance of your blood sugar which goes unchecked when your hormones change

  • Slow down and don’t overeat (I actually eat with small utensils which helps slow me down)

Conversations & Resources

Our home and lifestyle can have profound affects on our health as we transition into menopause, so take some steps to clean your environment and create healthy habits in your day. Set goals in your mini workbook here. Here are some key areas to focus on (making little changes slowly can really help!)

  • Our hormones can really be impacted by chemicals and artificial scents, so reduce your household impact and find better alternatives – check out our blog post about this! Toxic products in your home
  • Set good health habits such as a sleeping schedule to ensure you are getting restorative sleep
  • Communicate and stay active within your community of friends

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