Juicing to support Menopause and Skin

On Wednesday our guest speaker Louise Camilleri from LC Natural Health & Beauty joined us to talk about Juicing and its affect on the health of our skin. It was such a great event I wanted to offer the video for anyone to view, to inspire and encourage everyone to take part in your own health care. Juicing is just one simple thing we can do to support the health of our body as we get older and it can be simple or as complex and nutrition packed as you’d like. Louise offers suggestions for great juices with ingredients you might not normally think to add in!

You can juice for general health & wellness or for the maintenance of good body weight, but don’t think of juicing as a weight loss approach. If you are wanting to lose some weight, take a whole body approach that includes eating a whole foods diet (with some juice added in), exercise, make good lifestyle choices, follow good sleep habits and reduce stress. 


5 quick tips for successful juicing:

(click on the pic for a free green juice recipe!)

Louise offers her approach to Juicing and Menopause...

  1. Mindset or mindfulness, which helps you to combat stress. We want to lower Cortisol levels and raise Endorphins!
  2. Movement, which controls stress and helps the body to produce less fat storing hormones. With movement comes better elimination of toxins from the bowel and the pores of the skin!
  3. Meals, which help control calories and assures good nutrition. Juicing also gives the internal body a rest (when you rest you repair) and allows for better digestion.!
  4. Metabolics, the is the stu that stimulates and moves our metabolism like exercise and supplements. Our metabolism is like a stress barometer and it needs to be taken care of and BALANCED.!

Directions for a well balanced Detoxifying Juice:

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Cindy is the owner/creator of My Fit Over 50. She is a registered acupuncturist, certified Pilates instructor, holistic nutritionist and educator. She takes a holistic approach to achieving whole body health and she believes that it is important to keep challenging the body and mind safely and efficiently as we age. Cindy also has a busy clinic called Women's Health Centre in Toronto, Ontario.